Double Auto Eyebrow Pencil

All women love to look gorgeous. It’s an innate quality of women to charm everyone with their appearance. For that a popular tool used by women for centuries, is makeup. Although the right expertise with makeup can make you look extremely tempting, you will need proper makeup skills. More importantly, you will need the right tools for makeup, as well. For proper application of makeup, small accessories like eyebrow pencils are widely used. Beautiful eyes are a testament to the beauty of a woman. For that, you will need an efficient and top quality eyebrow pencil!

Types of Eyebrow Pencils

Different types of eyebrow pencils are available in the market. They also come in different colors and shapes. In the beginning, eyebrow pencil was this pencil-shaped stick, mostly in black color. Nowadays, the definition of eyebrow pencil has changed. The eyebrow pencils are now available in different colors including black, brown and gray etc. In some pencils, both sides have shades i.e. black and brown.  In the recent past, double-sided eyebrow pencil was introduced. It has a brush on one side and eyebrow color on the other side.

Double Auto Eyebrow pencil

Double Auto Eyebrow pencil

Double Side Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Auto eyebrow pencil with double side is getting very popular these days. It has color stick on one side and brush to blend it on the other side. It is 144 mm long. The main advantage of this pencil is that you don't need to sharpen it. Just rotate it and the color stick will come up. It's very easy to apply on the eyebrow. If you choose a proper color then it will give a very natural look.

How to Apply

The application of double side auto eyebrow pencil is very easy. Start with opening a pencil color side. Remove its cover and rotate the pencil. The color stick will come out then. Now hold it straight against your nose to determine the start of your eyebrow. It is usually a straight line parallel to your nose. Start applying pencil from this point. During this process keep the end of the pencil at the tip of your nose. It will help to create a proper arch. Now keep moving the pencil from starting point to the top of arch after that it descends towards the pointed end of the eyebrow. Make sure that you don't leave any gaps while applying the pencil. Once you are done applying the pencil just rotate it again so that color side could go back in. Now turn towards the brush side. The brush is mainly used for blending purpose. Most of the time when a pencil is applied in eyebrows in appears in the form of lines and dark areas. The brush helps to smug these lines and make it even. So just brush your eyebrow smoothly with it. At this point, you can highlight the arch of your eyebrow by smudging it properly with the brush. It's a beauty of this eyebrow pencil that you don't have to switch or buy a separate brow brush. This pencil is available in brown and cappuccino color. Just be careful when you choose the color of eyebrow pencil. It should match the color of your eyebrow otherwise, it will give an artificial look to your face.