Beauty and the Beholder

Standardized Beauty

There has been a dramatic rise in the fame and popularity of the fashion industries all around the world in the last century, promoted proudly by a sea of celebrities and models. With a whirlwind of changing trends, from clothes to makeup, a certain standard has been set for beauty.

Various makeup artists have developed new forms of makeup that require insane amounts of time and efforts to apply, but give the most satisfying results in the end. Numerous social media portals are now being used for the promotion of such makeup artists. Such as, Instagram, which has seen a radical increase in the short videos put up by beauticians of their remarkable makeup transformations of people.

The Place you need

We, at Pretty Threading Blow-dry understand exactly how important beauty is and what needs to be done in order for you to look your most beautiful self. We offer a one stop shop for all your beauty needs. Our experts specialize in the art of painless threading, professional blowouts, intricate henna tattoos and excellent makeup applications. The mission of Pretty Threading Blow-dry is to be a recognized leader in the specialization of henna application, while completing any given look of a client with a beautiful blowout.

We realize the kind of stress a bad day can put you into, and where the mind is so strongly connected to the body, we know the possible outcomes as well. A day of stress can leave you feeling drained and take out the glow from your skin, which is why, the main goal of our team at Pretty Threading Blow-dry is to make you look as well as feel, pampered and glamorous.

HD Makeup

Just as we can change the resolution of a television to support a high-definition picture, where everything can be seen in much more detail. Similarly, makeup artists have been able to come up with the new technique where to avoid the unnatural cake layer of base, other products with a sheerer quality are used to retain a certain neutrality.

These certain cosmetics that are used to achieve the effect of an HD definition makeup, have the power to completely camouflage the skin imperfections, covering dark spots and blemishes while still retaining a certain natural feel to it by remaining invisible.

The trick behind the flawless skin are the light-diffusing ingredients that are used. With the addition of silicone, mica, crystals or quartz, the particles can stay on the surface of the skin and help diffuse the light; making the skin look lighter and more attractive.

The main advantage of HD makeup lies in the fact that it also helps moisturize the skin which reduces the chances of cracks in the makeup, and makes the wrinkles and lines less visible.

It’s Here!

The art of HD makeup has been proudly incorporated into the services provided by Pretty Threading Blow-dry, as we are now professionally offering the service to all our customers. We graciously invite to come and have a look for yourself at one of our Southern California locations in Rancho Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo, where have a team of professionals waiting to make you look prettier. Talk to Pretty D to book an appointment for your special day.