Fashion – Much More Than Just Your Hair and Clothes

While planning for my upcoming fashion show. I jotted down few thoughts around Fashion. Fashion cannot be determined by one person. For each, fashion has a different meaning, a different approach. But, what many do not understand is that fashion has no limits. It is something wild and untamable. Fashion will only define itself when it expresses someone’s personality through colorful and bold choices.

Fashion isn’t necessarily what other people are wearing. It’s how you carry something. And make one thing clear. When you want to pass a fashion statement, you don’t just have to find the perfect hair to go with the perfect dress. Fashion is much more than this. You define your own fashion style by the way you dress up from head to toe. Your hair, your makeup, your clothes, your shoes, your bag, and your accessories - everything counts. And what counts the most? The way you carry everything and how closely it defines your personality. You can be funky and formal at the same time. Wear a suit with some bold colored socks, for example.

You need to know what goes with what. It can be difficult deciding which hair to go with which dress. But there’s much more detail you need to focus on to pass the perfect statement. If your dress is bright and gorgeous, you want all the attention focused there. Do not carry a huge, colored bag to go with it. Instead, go for a smaller clutch, elegant shoes, minimal makeup, and classy hair. And accessorize with minimal jewelry. On the other hand, if you’re wearing plain black tees and jeans, you can accessorize with chunky jewelry, bold makeup and a statement bag. Then again, it also depends on your personality. Does bold and chunky look good on you? Does it compliment your body? Does it reflect your personality?

There are a lot of things you need to be considering before you think you’ve put on a fashionable outfit. You can be beautiful and fashionable in your own skin as well. You don’t need to throw on a ton of makeup, get a $100 hairdo, and wear a $500 dress to be fashionable. Beautiful, well-kept skin is also necessary to compliment what you wear.

The first step to being fashionable is knowing yourself and your body. What suits you, what compliments you and how it reflects your personality – are the basic questions you should ask yourself before picking out the perfect shoes, bag, jewelry, dress, and hairdo.

You need to be comfortable in what you wear. Just because someone else is wearing something, doesn’t mean you have to wear it too. And it doesn’t even mean that if something looks good on someone else, it will look good on you too. Every person has a different style, a different aura they have to cater to. That’s what makes fashion so interesting. And I cannot stress this enough: a person does not become fashionable by wearing a gorgeous dress and carrying a stunning hairdo. It’s how well your whole outfit goes together and how it looks on you!

Fashion is subjective rather than objective. It envelops not only your sense of style but your personality as well. The way you dress portrays a lot about who you are as a person. You should be comfortable in your own skin and own what you wear with full confidence. It is half dress sense and half confidence that pulls off a really striking outfit.

Being trendy is one thing, breaking out of stereotypes is quite another. You can be on any end of whichever spectrum you want to be. You either follow the rules, or break them, you either go for the next IT thing or are browsing thrift stores; fashion is what you should love. Make it your own and do whatever it is that you would like with it. Make your own rules and then break some. No one is holding you prisoner to any cage. Let your mind, body and soul be free and let it sour the heights of fashion, and go in any direction you want it to go. You can either be a leader or the follower. The choice is nonetheless yours. Own it. Enjoy it. Make of it whatever that you want. Ruin it. Learn it. And repeat!

The best part of any “fashion” era is, is that it never stops evolving. It constantly changes. It is so dynamic, that even if it does come back in fashion decades later, it comes with a bang and a twist. And like fashion, people evolve as well. They may like something today and hate it tomorrow. But it never stops! That is the fun part of it all!

You keep changing, you keep learning, you keep moving with it. Whether you follow the fashion trends or not, you have to admit that it does invoke some reaction out of you. There are bound to be some feelings that you feel towards what is going on around you. Be it the dress, the accessory, the big hairdo. Love it or hate it, fashion has always been there and will remain to be so. It is what defines what one wears; and what one wears eventually defines the culture. Fashion should not be taken as a light subject. Interwoven in its fine threads are the threads of society, bygone eras and whole cultures. How then can we not be interested? It is inspiring to go back in time and see how similar or dissimilar clothes today are to those worn so many hundreds of years ago. Fashion designers to take inspiration from a vast pool of cultures, countries, and even eras to create the next big thing. Now how is that for a starting point?

A fashion statement is something that can be made by many people and cultures simultaneously. They can even portray opposites and still be considered great at the same time. That is the best thing about this area. It encompasses so many things at the same time and churns out so much that it literally bombards your senses, leaving you reeling with the aftershocks. But you still enjoy it as much as we do!

In the end, all I can say is to strut your fashion away and sashay on!